Today at the Commission for Protection of the Right to Free Access Public Information, training on “Free Access to Public Information” was held. The training was conducted by Jordanka Stojkova and Cveta Trajkovska, expert lecturers from the Secretariat of the Commission, the same was attended by 15 newly appointed officials from a total of ten state institutions, municipalities, public enterprises, inspectorates and inter-municipal social welfare centers. At the training session there were few information holders who from various reasons do not have any training or sought additional training.
The purpose of the training is to further raise public awareness and its main function is to increase the level of familiarization of information holders with the Law on Free Access to Public Information, their obligations that arise from it, as well as the manner of realization of the right to free access to public information in their Institutions.
Beside the history of the development of the right to free access to information, the legal legislation were presented in detail to those present official on the training, and the procedure upon receiving a request of information of public character, also the appeal and violation proceedings were covered, as well as the manner of preparation of the annual report, and the legal obligations that all information holders have as officials.
On the training session real cases were analyzed and practical examples were elaborated, in which official persons through proactive participation expressed their viewpoints and exchanged experience on how to act in the given situations and cases.
Today ‘s training is the actual start of realization of a new series of trainings intended for information holders who mediate public information
Unanimously with the Plan for training that was recently adopted by the Commission, in the month of May the following training is scheduled for the 26 May.
Two representatives of the Secretariat of the Commission on May 30, will hold a lecture on the theme “Implementation of the Law on Free Access to Public Information, organized by the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors” Pavel Shatev “. The counselling is intended for persons who act upon requests for free access to information of public character, for all prosecutors’ offices in the Republic of Macedonia.