The Public Enterprise “Macedonian Broadcasting” (MRD) performs the following activities:
– Development, project making, build up and use of the basic network of broadcasting on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia;
– Providing emission and distribution of radio and TV programs via cable, radio and TV network;
– Providing teletext, data transfer  via radio and other services via the basic radio network;
– Broadcast of special programs for informing, safeguarding of the cultural and historical traditions as well as for sustaining and development of the relations with the Macedonian Diaspora;
– Providing radio and TV connections with the broadcasting systems of other countries in accordance to the international agreements signed by the Republic of Macedonia;
– Controls the quality and the coverage of the territory of the Republic with radio and TV signal, broadcasted by the Macedonian Radio Television;
– Economical use of the technical and the human resources;
– Technical support of the equipment;
– Research activities in the area of the broadcasting; and
– Other activities connected to the main activity.

For more information call: 02 3162-634 and 02 3226-167