The Public Attorney’s Office undertakes legal measures in order to protect the property rights and interests of the Republic of Macedonia.
– The function of the Public Attorney’s Office is being performed by the Public Attorney of the Republic of Macedonia, together with his deputies;
– The Public Attorney represents Macedonia in the courts, other organs and legal entities, as well as in foreign courts and foreign organs in the legal cases with foreign legal or physical entities;
– The Public Attorney can authorize other person with adequate education to represent in courts;
– Represents the Public Attorney’s Office, leads its work and performs other activities that are provided by law;
– Reports his work to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
– Cooperates with the courts, other organs and legal entities on issues of common interest;
– The state organs must inform the Public Attorney about every legal property case domestic or foreign physical or legal entities.

For more information call: 02 3239-214, 02 3230-217 and 02 3229-351