The activities and the jurisdictions of the secondary education emerge from the Law on Secondary Education.

– Secondary Education is obligatory for every citizen and it is free in the public high schools;
– Plans and programs for gymnasium and specialized education are being implemented;
– The activities are of public interest and are therefore performed as public service;
– The private schools can perform their activities in foreign languages;
– The Government establishes the state public schools;
– The plans and the programs for the public schools are being prepared by the Bureau for Development of the Education, and are adopted by the Minister;
– The work of the high schools is determined by the annual program;
– The annual program is adopted by the school board on a proposal of the teachers’ council.

The Secondary education is realized through plans and programs for:
– gymnasium education;
– specialized education;
– school of arts;
– secondary education for students with special educational needs;
– program for international graduation, specially approved by the Minister.