The primary duty of the State Institute for Protection of the Health is to follow the situation in Macedonia from an aspect of the health care prevention and to alarm the authorized institutions when a danger occurs. The Institute can successfully perform this task only by a coordinated cooperation with the regional institutes for protection of the health, health and environment ministries, and all the other health institutions and organizations connected to its work.
This Institute functions in the area of preventive medicine, through the sectors of epidemiology and microbiology, hygiene and environment protection, social medicine and control and research of drugs. The Institute performs the following activities:
– closely monitors the contagious diseases registered in the country;
– prepares information, analyses and reports for the contagious diseases;
– prepares annual programs in the field of the contagious diseases and immunization;
– participates in stopping of appearance of epidemics and special conditions, as well as quarantine and other extremely dangerous contagious diseases;
– prepares methodological instructions in the area of its activity;
– participates in the preparation of the draft-law provisions;
– participates in the program for obligatory immunization of the population;
– performs microbiological diagnostics of contagious diseases, sanitary controls of people who work with food, patients, children etc;
– bacteriological examinations of foods, water, control of the cleanness and sterility etc;
– directly participates in the epidemiological researches and offers expert and methodological assistance;
– follows and controls the implementation of the obligatory immunization in the country;
– closely monitors the sanitary and the hygienic condition of the water supplies, both for drinking water and for water for technical use;
– closely monitors the hygienic condition of the air in the populated areas;
– gives methodological instructions for disposal of the medical infective waste from the medical institutions in Skopje;
– examines the quality of the food products in accordance to the adequate rulebooks and regulations;
– closely monitors the degree of contamination by radioactive materials to the soil, air, atmospheric falls, geographical waters, animal food, objects for general use, drugs and assisting medial means, materials for construction etc;
– develops studies and projects for implementation and realization of the health care politics;
– suggests measures for solving certain problems in the area of organization, planning and development in the field of health care;
– determines the needs of the population for  certain kinds of protection of the health;
– participates in the preparation of modern methodologies for planning and implementing the scientific and the research activities in the area of social medicine and public health;
– participates in the education of the health care workers;
– precisely registers the health care workers in a computerized data base;
– cooperates with the domestic and foreign institutions and organizations (WHO, EUROSTAD, EU etc.);
– publishes two national registers on cancer and diabetes and prepares several publications;
– prepares national health care indicators;
– evaluates the functional activities and the usage of the health care service;
– designs and implements projects in the field of control and prevention from injuries and violence;
– examines and controls materials for production of cosmetics, personal hygiene, facial and body care as well as for household hygiene.

You can get more information on the following numbers:
02 3125 044, 02 3226-510 and 02 3223-354