The elementary education is a part of the unique educational system of the Republic of Macedonia and its work is determined in the Law on Elementary Education.
The primary mission of the first educational system in Macedonia is to educate and direct. The priorities are improvement of the qualities of the teaching methods, by using of new forms which should result in more motivated and prepared students.
The Elementary school is obligatory for all the children age 6 to 15, it lasts nine years and it is organized in 3 periods: I to III grade, IV to VI grade and VII to IX grade.
The Elementary schools, besides the regular classes, offer the religious classes as a program of choice. The political and religious gatherings and acting are strictly forbidden in the schools.
The classes are in Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet, but the members of the nationalities enjoy the right to attend classes in their native languages and alphabets in accordance to the Law on Primary Education.