The basic activities and authorization of the clinics, hospitals, health care centers and other health care institutions are:
– medical examinations and other kinds of medical help;
– undertaking of special medical measures and methods for improvement of the health condition or for impediment or early discovery of the diseases;
– urgent medical assistance;
– medical assistance in an doctors office or in a private facility of the patient;
– health care protection in pregnancy and child birth;
– undertaking preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures;
– prevention, treatment and sanitation of the diseases of the mouth and the teeth;
– drugs, assisting and other materials for treatments in accordance to the List of Drugs issued by the Ministry of Health;
– systematic work for the health education of the population;
– researches and determining of the diseases, injuries and the overall health condition of the patients;
– undertaking of specialized diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures;
– orthopedic and other kinds of assistance;
– examination and determining of the health condition, treatment, rehabilitation, care, accommodation in hospitals.