As a highest organ in the country, the Supreme Court performs the judicial power on the whole territory of the Republic

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia:
– decides on the conformity of laws with the Constitution;
– decides on the conformity of collective agreements and other regulations with the Constitution and laws;
– protects the freedoms and rights of the individual and citizen relating to the freedom of conviction, conscience, thought and public expression of thought, political association and activity as well as to the prohibition of discrimination among citizens on the ground of sex, race, religion or national, social or political affiliation;
– decides on conflicts of competency among holders of legislative, executive and judicial offices;
– decides on conflicts of competency among Republic bodies and units of local self-government;
– decides on the answerability of the President of the Republic;
– decides on the constitutionality of the programmes and statutes of political parties and associations of citizens; and 
– decides on other issues determined by the Constitution.

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