The Government of the Republic of Macedonia, as an executive power, is an organ that performs its authorisations within the frameworks of the Constitution and the Laws of the Republic of Macedonia as well as within the frameworks of the ratified international agreements, based on the principles of transparency, efficiency and protection of the human rights and freedoms. Therefore, the Government:
– determines the policy of carrying out the laws and other regulations of the Assembly and is responsible for their execution;
– proposes laws, the budget of the Republic and other regulations adopted by the Assembly;
– proposes a spatial plan of the Republic;
– proposes decisions concerning the reserves of the Republic and sees to their execution;
– adopts by laws and other acts for the execution of laws;
– lays down principles on the internal organization and work of the Ministries and other administrative bodies, directing and supervising their work;
– provides appraisals of drafts of laws and other acts submitted to the Assembly by other authorized bodies;
– decides on the recognition of states and governments;
– establishes diplomatic and consular relations with other states;
– makes a decision on opening diplomatic and consular offices abroad;
– proposes the appointment of ambassadors and Representatives of the Republic of Macedonia abroad and appoints chiefs of consular offices;
– proposes the Public Prosecutor;
– appoints and dismisses holders of public and other office determined by the Constitution and laws; and
– performs other duties determined by the Constitution and law.

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